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Code of Conduct

Updated: 9th December 2022

To use Libby in your community, you must adhere to these guidelines. Failure to follow the Code of Conduct will result in your community being blacklisted, and Libby removed from your server.


Discord Guidelines

Discord Guidelines must be adhered to whilst using the Bot. For the details about the guidelines set by Discord, read here:


Discord Terms of Service

The Discord Terms of Service must be respected whilst you are using the bot. For the full terms set out by Discord, visit:


Slurs and Offensive Behaviours

Including but not limited to; Racism, sexism, homophobia or generally any slurs that could be offensive. Using the Bot for any of these is not tolorated under any circumstance. Commands and features available with Libby are not intended for this purpose.


Spamming and Flooding

Discord has rate limiting in place to prevent excessive use of their platform. Mass spam of commands is not recommended and could result in the bot being removed from your community.


Our Policies and Conditions

We also have additional policies and conditions that should be noted. So make sure you have read and understood them as you hereby agree to them when inviting and using the bot in your community.

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Libby comes with full permissions excluding Administrator.
When inviting Libby, you can choose to disable permissions as you see fit!