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Privacy Policy

Updated: 9th December 2022

To use Libby in your community, you must adhere to these guidelines. Failure to follow the Code of Conduct will result in your community being blacklisted, and Libby removed from your server.

Your Agreement

By adding Libby to your server or using these services in any way, you are consenting to the policies outlines in this document. If you as a user do not agree, you may leave the server where Libby is present. If you as a server owner or manager do not agree, you can remove Libby from your server. If you as a service user do not agree, you may revoke authorisation from your Authorised Apps menu within Discord.

Data Storage

All data is kept on protected servers. While storage methods vary, most data is kept within password-protected databases such as PostgreSQL. Server security is a top priority and whilst we cannot guarentee 100% security, all efforts are taken to ensure privacy and security is paramount.

Data Collected By Command

The following information may be collected and stored when provided by a user. This data is typically taken when a user issues a command. When you are providing data via this method, you forego any rights to the content of the data provided.
• References to your User Profile typically just your User ID
• Event data, which could include giveaways, events and contests
• Data for tasks that are scheduled which could include reminders
• Any additional data such as saved urls and text
• Server Configurations

Data Collected When Enabled

Some data will be collected if the bot is configured to perform certain actions. These features are enabled by the Server Owner or Manager. These features are always opt-in, so unless explicitly enabled, no data would be collected till activated.
• Logs of chat messages, typically Mod Logs
• List of member's roles for role persistence
• User EXP Leveling Data

Data Collected Automatically

The bot will collect data automatically whilst in use. This data is used to provide for statistics and historical data purposes. Most of this data is anonomous but certain pieces of data will include some information associated to users.
• Current and previous usernames and nicknames
• Date and Time of last activity
• Emote usage counts
• Command usage counts
• Additional Data neded for the general usage of the bot. This can include server permssions

Data Collected via Authorization

This data may be collected when authorizing an application, such as when logging in to the bots Dashboard via Discord.
• Your Username, Discord ID, Avatar
• The List of servers your account is connected to
• Your E-mail address
• Any Discord account connections, such as Github, Spotify and Steam

Libby Core Data Statement

Libby is based on Red-DiscordBot. You can read more about Red's Data Statement here: Red and End User Data

Third-Party Cogs

Libby uses third party cogs as well that may retain user information. However, all third party cogs comply with the Red-DiscordBots Data Statement and the "Right to Forget".

Right to Forget

You have the right to be forgotten with Libby. !mydata command can be ran at anytime to get further information. At your request, your data can be destroyed. However, certain information will not be removed, such as warnings issued against you in servers.

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Libby comes with full permissions excluding Administrator.
When inviting Libby, you can choose to disable permissions as you see fit!